Menzies Clan Society

‘Vil God I Zal’

‘I hope any visitors to this site who are of the Menzies name or of the Sept names
or descended from any of these family names will consider joining us and help in
ensuring that the Society and Castle will continue to prosper in the future’.

Hereditary Clan Chief Robert Menzies of Menzies of Australia.


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The Menzies Clan Society (MCS)

is based at Castle Menzies, outside the small village of Weem, Perthshire in the Highlands of Scotland. Originally formed on 6 October, 1892, the present day MCS was re-established in 1957, after ceasing operation throughout 2 World Wars.

In 1957 the Society also purchased Castle Menzies which had become very neglected and run down. Since then the Castle has been lovingly restored by generations of the Society’s members and in 1993 was placed into a charity, the Menzies Charitable Trust, now The Castle Menzies SCIO (TCMS).  The Society and TCMS continually work together, side by side, to maintain the Society’s and Clan Menzies ancestral roots within Castle Menzies.

MCS members are involved in various projects within the Society, including Friends of Castle Menzies (FOCM), the annual Menzies Clan Gathering, Menzies Society Publications, Menzies Society Social Media & MenZiesGenZ Youth Initiative, Menzies DNA and Genealogical Family Research and educational photographic and video documentary projects focusing on the history of generations of Menzies and the historic Castle Menzies.


Objects of the Society

*To cultivate and strengthen the true Celtic ties of family, the spirit of kin and clanship. And the promotion of friendly and social intercourse between members of the clan.

*To encourage and provide grants of money for the preservation of buildings and places of historic interest that have a connection with Clan Menzies.

*To be recognised as worthy of preservation by The National Trust for Scotland and for the benefit of the Nation.

*To preserve the history, traditions, arts, antiquities and relics of the Clan.

*To render financial assistance to any member of The Clan Menzies who may be in straitened circumstances. Most importantly, whether members of the Society or not.

*To encourage the wearing of Menzies Highland dress.

Sending Donations to the Society

You can send the Menzies Clan Society a donation to help fund our activities via the DONATE button below. You can also send us money if need be, for any other reason except for Membership fees and Bookings for Clan Gathering events, which can be purchased elsewhere on our website.

Please email the Menzies Clan Society Treasurer to tell us what you are sending and why.

Please note a donation to this account will be a donation to the Menzies Clan Society, not to the Castle nor The Castle Menzies SCIO (formerly the Menzies Charitable Trust). A donation to the Society does not qualify for Gift Aid, since the Society is not a registered charity.

All our online donations are handled by PayPal, but this does not mean you need to have personal PayPal account. We accept Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Switch, Delta, Solo, and Maestro. NB: You will be given an opportunity to state the purpose of your donation, if you wish to do so, on the final Paypal screen when you review your donation for the final time.

If you wish to make a donation to Castle Menzies or The Castle Menzies SCIO, please visit the Castle’s website: