Friends of Castle Menzies

‘FOCM provides an exciting opportunity for those living near and far with an interest in Castle Menzies, its Walled Gardens and the Old Kirk to be genuinely involved in the safekeeping of these historic monuments’.

Friends of Castle Menzies is a donors’ club, run by the Menzies Clan Society on a voluntary basis. Set up for the benefit of the maintenance and continued restoration of Castle Menzies, its Walled Gardens, and the Old Kirk of Weem.

Members of Friends of Castle Menzies (known as FOCM) contribute a regular monthly or annual donation and in return, are involved in how the funds are spent.  Members can propose projects, receive updates on how the projects are going, visit the properties for free and attend FOCM events to get involved in even greater depth.

All FOCM donations go directly to our charity which owns and operates the properties, The Castle Menzies SCIO (TCMS) formerly the Castle Menzies Trust. No administration fees or other charges are deducted from the donations we receive, so every penny donated is applied to FOCM projects.

All FOCM members receive:

  • free entry to Castle Menzies, the Walled Garden and Old Kirk of Weem
  • updates on our work and funding of projects
  • the opportunity to attend the annual FOCM lunch meeting at Castle Menzies each August (as part of the annual Menzies Clan Gathering)
  • the opportunity to propose items and projects to fund, and to comment on proposals

Join Us

Joining us at Friends of the Castle Menzies is easy; follow this link to create a one-off, monthly, or annual donation of your choosing and we’ll do the rest.

If you have any questions about FOCM membership, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help.

A Friends of Castle Menzies Project

Friends of Castle Menzies graciously commissioned professional cabinet maker Eoghann Menzies to create a bespoke cabinet to display the Weapons Collection in the Castle. The handsome display case sits in situ in the Clan Museum in the Green Room at Castle Menzies.

Tax-efficient giving

Gift Aid for UK tax-payers

For those based in the UK, all FOCM donations are charitable donations and, as such, UK tax-payers are eligible to claim Gift Aid relief on them.  TCMS equally benefits from the tax relief available to it through the Gift Aid scheme.

Our on-line payment system automatically accounts for Gift Aid if you are a UK tax-payer.  If you decide to pay by other means, we will ask you to complete a Gift Aid declaration if you appear to be a UK tax-payer.

Tax-efficient giving for US tax-payers

If you are a US tax-payer and wish to pay your FOCM donation under section 501(c)(3) please let us know via Contact Us