Clan Menzies Hereditary Chiefs


Sir Robert de Meyners (1177-1266)
Lord High Chamberlain of Scotland whose name appears on a charter in the time of William the Lion (1142 -1214)
*Possibly grandson of Menyeis, Mengeis, 1st Baron of Menzies (1043 – 1132) and son of Anketillus de Maynoers 2nd Baron of Menzies (born 1120 -)

Sir Alexander de Meyners (1235-1320)
Sir Alexander Menzies was acknowledged as Earl Menzies in an Act of Parliament of Scotland in 1312.
Sir Alexander was a supporter of Robert I, King of Scots, 1306-1329.

The Menzies’ Bannockburn Claymore is believed to have been used by Chief Sir Alexander Menzies at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

It is currently displayed in the museum at Castle Menzies.

Sir Robert de Meyners(1267-1346)

John de Meyners(1323-1410)

Robert de Meignes(1353-1411)

Sir David de Mengues (1377-1449)

John de Mengues (1397-1467)

Sir Robert Menzies 8th Laird of Weem   (1433-1523)

Sir Robert Menzies was a minor when he succeeded and was not retoured heir until 1487.

Married to Lady Margaret Lindsay, daughter of Sir David Lindsay of Edziell, ancestor of the Earls of Crawford

*Sir Robert Menzies — his successor.
*William Menzies of Roro, ancestor of the Clan Menzies Branchs of Shian in Glenquaich and Bolfracks.
*Alexander Menzies, who had a son John, who afterwards got a charter of Tegramuch from his uncle, Sir Robert the Menzies, 7th July 1546.
*Margaret, married to William Robertson of Struan ; the contract of this marriage is in the Charter Room of Castle Menzies — he was chief of Clan Robertson.
*2nd daughter is said to have married the chief of the MacGregors, Lairds of Glenlyon.

Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies 9th Laird of Weem (1475-1557)

Sir Robert Menzies was born in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and he was infeft in 1523 of the barony of Weem, including Enoch. He was dead by 1557 when his only son Alexander (by his first marriage) and successor was retoured his heir.

Son of Robert Menzies and Margaret Lindsay

Husband of Christian (Gordon) Menzies — married 22 Nov 1503 in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

*Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies
*Alexander Menzies

Sir Alexander Menzies of Menzies 10th Laird of Weem (1504-1563)

Alexander Menzies was retoured heir in his father’s estate in 1557. Alexander Menzies was born about 1503 in Weem, Perthshire and died 7 Mar 1563 in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. On 1 May 1533, King James V granted Alexander, son and heir apparent of Sir Robert, the lands and barony of Rannoch (including Downane, Kinclauchir, Cammyserachtis, Ardlaroch, Kilquhonane, Lairan, Ardlair, Largan, the island of Loch Rannoch and Irochty and all the lochs and islands).

Son of Robert Menzies and Christian (Gordon) Menzies

Husband of Janet (Campbell) Menzies, married before 1523 in Scotland
Husband of Katharine M’ghie.

*James Menzies by his first wife Janet (Campbell) Menzies
*His son James, by his second wife Katharine M’ghie, founded the Menzies of Culdares branch and all descendants from Alexander’s marriage with Katharine M’ghie are the ‘Culdares Branch of Menzies’.

James Menzies of Menzies 11th Laird of Weem (1523-1585)

James Menzies was born about 1530 in Weem, Perthshire, Scotland and he was the issue of Sir Alexander’s first marriage. James was infeft in the baronies of Weem and Enoch as well as half the barony of Culter in 1564 and had sasine as his father’s heir of the lands of Wolfclyde in Culter the following year. His testament is dated 5 September 1585 and he was dead by 1588 when his eldest son was retoured heir.

Son of Alexander Menzies and Janet (Campbell) Menzies

Husband of Barbara (Stewart) Menzies- married 20 May 1536 in Scotland

*Duncan Menzies Esq
*Alexander Menzies (1523-1585) He was the issue of Sir Alexander’s first marriage

Sir Alexander Menzies of Menzies 12th Laird of Weem (1566-1644)

Alexander Menzies graduated Master of Arts from the University of Glasgow in 1582 and was retoured heir to his father on 25 January 1588/89. He was evidently a minor at his father’s death for the Earl of Huntly was appointed his tutor in his father’s testament and he was evidently still not retoured heir on 10 December 1588, the date of his contract of marriage to MARGARET CAMPBELL. He was knighted sometime before 1 May 1618. In 1617 he and his third wife were granted the mains of Garth by William Murray, 2nd Earl of Tullibardine and as the “laird of Wemyss” he was a Member of Convention for Perthshire in 1625.

Alexander was born about 1566 and died about 1644 in Scotland. The Rottmell Branch of Menzies are all descendants from the marriage of Alexander Menzies and Marjory Campbell. On 24 January 1616, Sir Alexander Menzies caused to be erected in the Old Kirk of Weem, a massive monument to his wives and forebears.

Son of James Menzies and Barbara (Stewart) Menzies
Brother of Duncan Menzies Esq

Husband of Margaret Drummond (Campbell) Menzies — married 10 Dec 1588
Husband of Elizabeth (Forrester) Menzies — married 23 Mar 1599
Husband of Marjory (Campbell) Menzies — married 20 Mar 1604 in Scotland

*Duncan Menzies
*Helen (Menzies) Campbell
*William Menzies

Duncan Menzies of Menzies 13th Laird of Weem (1600-1656)

Duncan Menzies was retoured heir to his brother, John, in such parts of his estate as he had died in fee of, 17 July 1622. He was born about 1600 in Barony of Rannoch, Culdare, Perthshire, Scotland and he made his will on 24 February and appears to have died before 11 September 1646. His son was retoured his heir on 27 August 1656. Duncan Menzies was born 1600 in Scotland.

Son of Alexander Menzies and Elizabeth (Forrester) Menzies
Brother of Helen (Menzies) Campbell [half]
William Menzies [half]

Husband of Jean (Leslie) Menzies

*Ann Buchanan (Menzies) MacGregor
*Alexander Menzies 1st Brt.
*Jean (Menzies) Campbell

Sir Alexander Menzies of Menzies 1st Baronet, 14th Laird of Weem (1623-1694)

Sir Alexander Menzies was granted a warrant to be proclaimed heir to his father in the lands of Enoch and half the barony of Culter at the mercat cross of Perth on 25 Dec 1650, “there being no safe access to the lands mentioned” and was retoured heir in the lands and barony of Weem on 27 Aug 1656. He was knighted before 1 Aug 1662 and on 2 Sep 1665 he was created a Baronet with remainder to the heirs male of his body. Alexander was born 23 Jul and baptized 28 Jul 1629 in the Lands of Rannoch, Culdare, Perthshire and died on 24 Aug 1694 at Castle Menzies, Weem, Perthshire. He is buried in The Menzies Mausoleum, St David’s old Kirk of Weem, Weem, Perthshire, Scotland.

Son of Duncan Menzies and Jean (Leslie) Menzies
Brother of Ann Buchanan (Menzies) MacGregor and Jean (Menzies) Campbell

Husband of Margaret Agnes (Campbell) Menzies

*Susanna (Susan Menzies) Campbell
*Robert Menzies Younger
*James (Menzies) Menzies of Comrie
*Aemilia Emilia Menzies

Sir Alexander Menzies of Menzies 2nd Baronet  (1682-1734)

Sir Alexander “Menzies of that Ilk” succeeded to the lands of his father, the young Chief Captain Robert Menzies, or of such as he was in possession of, on his premature death. He was accordingly served heir to his father, the entry in the Retours being thus recorded and translated : ” 9th April 1692. Alexander Meinzies served heir of Robert Meinzies of Menzies, his father”. On the 15th of March 1694, Chief Sir Alexander the Menzies was again served heir to his father, Captain Robert Menzies. This was after the death of his grandfather, so that the whole estates then came into his possession. Alexander was born about 1682 in Midlothian and died 1734 in Dull Parish, Perthshire, Scotland

Son of Robert Menzies Younger and Ann (Sandilands) Menzies
Brother of Margaret Menzies

Husband of Christian (Campbell) Menzies married about 1700 in Scotland, Daughter of Lord Neil Campbell

*Grace (Menzies) Cameron
*Christian (Menzies) Mac Intosh
*Robert Menzies 3rd Bt
*Alexander Menzies
*James Menzies

Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies 3rd Baronet  (1706-1786)

Sir Robert Menzies was born in 1706, and was a mere child when his father, Sir Alexander the second Baronet, died. The responsibility of answering for the actions of Clan Menzies devolved upon the ” Captain of Clan Menzies” (Captain James Menzies of Comrie, the second son of Sir Alexander, 1st Baronet), grand-uncle to the infant chief Sir Robert, during whose minority Captain James managed the estates and affairs of Menzies.

Robert was born in 1704 in Weem, Perthshire and died 1786 in Weem, Perthshire, Scotland. There being no male issue, the title and estates of Menzies – Dull, Rannoch, &c. reverted to his kinsman, John Menzies, grandson of Captain James Menzies of Comrie, through the captain’s second son, James.

Son of Alexander Menzies 2nd Brt and Christian (Campbell) Menzies
Brother of Grace (Menzies) Cameron, Christian (Menzies) Mac Intosh, Alexander Menzies and James Menzies

Husband of Mary (Stuart) Menzies — married 31 Oct 1729 in Rothesay, Bute, Scotland

*Christian Menzies, an only daughter.

Sir John Menzies of Menzies 4th Baronet (1739-1800)

John Menzies, his father James Maxwell Bethia Menzies being the son of Captain James Menzies, became the heir of the title and estates of Menzies – Dull, Rannoch, &c. on the death of his cousin Sir Robert as without a male issue, the title and estates reverted back again to the descendants of Capt. James Menzies of Comrie. John Menzies was born 2 Jul 1739 in Edinburgh and died 26 Mar 1800 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. The Weem Register records his death thus – “5 April 1800 – Sir John Menzies, Bart., was buried in the Church of Weem on this date.” On his death he was about 63 years of age, and left no issue.

Grandson of Captain James Menzies and Anna (Campbell) Menzies
Son of James Maxwell Bethia Menzies and Janet (Stevenson) Menzies

Husband of Charlotte (Murray) Menzies — married 4 Mar 1797

No issue

Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies 5th Baronet  (1745-1813)

Robert Menzies was the grandson of Captain James Menzies, through his third son Neil Menzies, Esq. Robert succeeded to the chiefship on 26 March 1800 as 5th Baronet. He was born in 1745 in Castle Menzies, Weem, Perthshire, Scotland and died 8 Mar 1813 in Scotland.

Sir Robert, on the news of the death in 1786 of his cousin, Sir Robert the 3rd Baronet, in the absence of the nearer kinsman John Menzies (who had gone out to the Indies and been reported dead) was acknowledge to be the nearest heir-male. Accordingly he proceeded to take possession of such of the estates as the conditions of the entail permitted, and also assumed the title, and, as already described, was celebrating the joyous event at Castle Menzies when his long lost cousin (Sir John) appeared … Sir Robert yielded up what he had gained possession of to Sir John Menzies, an action which made the cousins fast friends for life, until the death of Sir John in 1800 without issue, when Sir Robert re-entered into possession .”

A slab in St. David’s Auld Kirk o’ Weem commemorates his death, on which this inscription – ‘Sir Robert Menzies, Bart., of that Ilk, died 8 Mar 1813, aged 68 years.

Grandson of Captain James Menzies and Anna (Campbell) Menzies
Son of Neil M Menzies and Mary (Bothwell) Menzies

Husband of Catherine (Ochiltree) Menzies — married 20 Jul 1777 in Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


*Neil Menzies 6th Bt
*Veronica (Menzies) Butter

Sir Neil Menzies of Menzies 6th Baronet (1780-1844)

Neil Menzies succeeded to the chiefship on 8 Mar 1813 as 6th Baronet. He was born in 1780, the son of Robert Menzies, before his father had any hopes of the baronetcy, as Sir Robert the 3rd Baronet was then living, with several other heirs who came before him. Sir Neil passed away in 1844 and is buried at the Menzies Mausoleum, the Old Kirk of Weem, Weem, Perthshire, Scotland.

Son of Robert Menzies 5th Bt and Catherine (Ochiltree) Menzies
Brother of Veronica (Menzies) Butter

Husband of Emelia Francis (Balfour) Menzies — married 29 May 1808 in Dunbog, Fife, Scotland

Husband of Grace Charlotte Conyers (Norton) Lady Menzies — married 24 Nov 1816 in Cranston, Midlothian, Scotland

*Catherine Menzies
*Emelia Francis Balfour Boswell (Menzies) Small-Keir
*Robert Menzies 7th Brt
*Fletcher Norton Menzies
*Caroline Elizabeth Wynford Menzies
*Grace Charlotte Ellen Augusta (Menzies) Mackintosh

Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies 7th Baronet  (1817-1903)

Robert Menzies succeeded as Chief in 1844 as 7th Baronet. He was born on 26 Sep 1817 in Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland and was baptised on 26 Sep 1817 at Weem, Perthshire, Scotland. Sir Robert died 22 Apr 1903 in Camserney Cottage, Camserney Village, Perthshire, Scotland and was buried at the Menzies Mausoleum, Old Kirk of Weem on 26 Apr 1903. There is a definitive record of his time as Chief of Menzies within the 1st Edition (1894) and 2nd Edition (1908) of The Red and White Book of Menzies written and published by David Prentice Menzies.

Son of Neil Menzies 6th Bt and Grace Charlotte Conyers (Norton) Lady Menzies
Brother of Catherine Menzies [half],
Emelia Francis Balfour Boswell (Menzies) Small-Keir [half],
Fletcher Norton Menzies,
Caroline Elizabeth Wynford Menzies
Grace Charlotte Ellen Augusta (Menzies) Mackintosh


Husband of Ann Balcarres (Stewart-Alston) Menzies — married 10 Jun 1846 in Weem, Dull Parish, Perthshire, Scotland

*Caroline Mary Stuart (Menzies) Macgregor
*Egidia Charlotte Menzies
*Neil James Menzies 8th Brt
*Robert Fletcher Menzies

Sir Neil Menzies of Menzies 8th Baronet (1855-1910)

Neil James Menzies succeeded as Chief in April 1903 as the 8th (and last) Baronet of Menzies. Sir Neil was educated at Harrow and he was a Captain in the Scots Guards and on the outbreak of the Egyptian war, he went with the Guards to the front and fought through the Sudan War in 1885, being present at the battle of Hasheen and Tamai. He retired from the army on 3rd May, 1891.

Born 5 Mar 1855 in Foss House, Weem, Perthshire, Scotland, Sir Neil died 21 Dec 1910 in the Hotel du Rhin, Paris, City of Paris, Île-de-France, France. He was buried one week later at the Menzies Mausoleum, in the Old Kirk of Weem, Weem, Perthshire Scotland. His wife, Lady Susan, was also interred there after her death on the 9 Feb 1946.

Son of Robert Menzies 7th Brt and Ann Balcarres (Stewart-Alston) Menzies
Brother of Caroline Mary Stuart (Menzies) Macgregor, Egidia Charlotte Menzies and Robert Fletcher Menzies


Husband of Susan Harriet (Grant-Suttie) Menzies —
married Jul 1905 in St George Hanover Square, London, England

*No children

from 1910-1957

Miss Egidia Charlotte Menzies Of Menzies 1850 – 1918

With the extinction of the main line, the Clan was left without a Chief on the death of Sir Neil Menzies in 1910. His sister, Miss Egidia Menzies of Menzies was elected Chieftainess by the Menzies Clan Society. Unfortunately she did not apply to Lord Lyon Court to become Chief of the Clan. She died in 1918.Egidia Menzies did not marry and had no recorded Descendants.


Chief Lieutenant-Colonel Ronald Steuart-Menzies
of Menzies (1884-1961)

Ronald Steuart-Menzies was granted the title “Menzies of that Ilk” by the Lord Lyon Court, in 1958. He descended from James Menzies, son of Sir Alexander Menzies of Menzies (1504-1563) and his second wife Katharine M’ghie. James Menzies founded the Menzies of Culdares branch and all descendants from Alexander’s marriage with Katharine M’ghie are the ‘Culdares Branch of Menzies’. Ronald was born in 1884 and died on 2 Oct 1961. He gained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the service of the Scots Guards.

Son of William George Steuart-Menzies of Culdares and Constance Anne Ellen Wethered.

Husband of Olivia Anne Turner-Farley.
Husband of Sybil Mary Willoughby Boulton.

*Jean Marjorie Steuart-Menzies
*David Ronald Steuart-Menzies and *Susan Steuart-Menzies
*Mariota Steuart-Menzies

Hereditary Chief Captain David R. Steuart Menzies of Menzies (1935-2023)

Assisted by Robert Ronald Menzies of Menzies Younger, eldest son of Chief David Menzies of Menzies.

Especially for the earlier Chiefs, the dates are approximate and not always in direct succession
from father to son, which is why the dates may overlap.

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Images from “The Red and White Book of Menzies – The History of Clan Menzies and its Chiefs” written by D. P. Menzies in 1894.