Clan Menzies Chiefs

Sir Robert de Meyners (1177-1266)
Lord High Chamberlain of Scotland whose name appears on a charter in the time of William the Lion (1142 -1214)
*Possibly grandson of Menyeis, Mengeis, 1st Baron of Menzies (1043 - 1132) and son of Anketillus de Maynoers 2nd Baron of Menzies (born 1120 -)

Sir Alexander de Meyners
Sir Alexander Menzies was acknowledged as Earl Menzies in an Act of Parliament of Scotland in 1312. Sir Alexander was a supporter of Robert I, King of Scots, 1306-1329. The Menzies' Bannockburn Claymore is believed to have been used by Chief Sir Alexander Menzies at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. It is currently displayed in the museum at Castle Menzies.

Sir Robert de Meyners

John de Meyners (1323-1410)

Robert de Meignes (1353-1411)

Sir David de Mengues (1377-1449)

John de Mengues (1397-1467)

Sir Robert Menzies (1433-1523)

Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies (1475-1557)

Sir Alexander Menzies of Menzies (1504-1563)
(His son James, by his second wife founded the Menzies of Culdares branch.)

James Menzies of Menzies (1523-1585)
(He was the issue of Sir Alexander’s first marriage)

Sir Alexander Menzies of Menzies (1566-1644)

Duncan Menzies of Menzies (1600-1656)

Sir Alexander Menzies of Menzies (1623-1694) 1st Baronet

Sir Alexander Menzies of Menzies (1682-1709) 2nd Baronet

Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies (1706-1786) 3rd Baronet

Sir John Menzies of Menzies (1739-1800) 4th Baronet

Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies (1745-1813) 5th Baronet

Sir Neil Menzies of Menzies (1780-1844) 6th Baronet

Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies (1817-1903) 7th Baronet

Sir Neil Menzies of Menzies (1855-1910) 8th Baronet

Dormant from 1910-1957

Ronald Steuart Menzies of Menzies
(Descended from James Menzies, son of Sir Alexander Menzies, (1504-1563) of Menzies and his second wife)

David Steuart Menzies of Menzies
(Current Chief)

*Especially for the earlier Chiefs, the dates are approximate and not always in direct succession from father to son, which is why they may overlap.

Reference: "The Red and White Book of Menzies - The History of Clan Menzies and its Chiefs" written by D. P. Menzies in 1894.