Menzies Clan Gathering

Our Annual Gathering

The main event for the Menzies Clan Society is our annual Clan Gathering at Castle Menzies. The event has steadily grown over the years and is held over 4 days from the second Thursday to Sunday in August. It currently comprises various social events, including a Formal dinner, an AGM, a Clan march to Weem led with Menzies bagpipes, a Golf Tournament, historical Coach Tour & the Menzies Clan Ceilidh.

Menzies Clan Gathering 8 - 11 August 2019

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Excerpt from ‘First Footing‘

The night of the formal dinner in 2018, I was struck by how familiar it all seemed. It was only my second Gathering, but I looked around at all the faces from Australia and Ireland and Canada and North America, New Zealand and even Germany and Denmark, and felt that this was not just a museum or an historical monument, but a Great Hall where, on a balmy emerald evening in August, our global family gathered, where our ancestors had once gathered, to eat and drink and talk and connect. It felt like Home!'

recalled by Sean W. Menzies, Los Angeles 2018
> 'First Footing'- Sean's full recollection