May 2020

Clan Gathering 2020 – CANCELLED.

Please read.

After careful consideration, the Clan Council has reluctantly decided that this year’s Clan Gathering will not take place.

 Tom Stone, Gathering Organiser said: “Having looked at all the factors involving travel, accommodation and existing restrictions
on social distancing, it was unanimously agreed that we should not hold this year’s Gathering. Our primary priority and responsibility
is for the health and well-being of Clan members and that coupled with some economic uncertainties, influenced our decision.
Additionally, the Castle Trust currently has no plans to open the Castle to visitors.”

We look forward to seeing you at the Gathering in 2021 and will be working on making this an even more special event than usual.

Look out for some social media-based activities around the days of the Gathering this year as we plan to live-stream some activity
from Clan members who live near the Castle!



April 2020

2019/2020 Edition out now!

Our magazine Editor Tom Stone has published a most beautiful edition of the MCS Magazine with lots of updated information, news and articles and professional images. Most definitely a worthy keepsake for all Clan Society Members.

We hope that all Clan members have received their copy of the 2019/20 Clan Magazine which was sent out at the start of March. If for any reason you have not received your copy, please let us know and we will forward an electronic copy immediately and a hard copy as soon as the Coronavirus permits. You can contact Tom via email.



April 2020

Archie’s Bust Update!

New pics from the foundry!

Hi everyone – Stephen Harmon just sent some new photos from his foundry and we wanted to make sure you saw them first. Looks like he’s making great progress on Phase Two of the project: casting a twin from the mold. Please share these pics and your enthusiasm for the project with your friends and colleagues interested in art, gardens, history, ancestry, and adventure!

Cheers, Graeme & Ted





April 2020


“Archie hits the Perthshire Daily Record”
by Graeme Menzies, Organizer

Ted and I wanted you to be the first to see this article about your bust project. We hope this piece from the Perthshire Daily Record will help raise awareness of the project and encourage more people to get on board. A few other media in Canada have also expressed interest in our project, and we hope in time others will share the word. Thanks again for your support – please share this article with your personal network!


Graeme and Ted

April 2020

“Menzies Clan Gathering 2020”

Update on COVID-19:

The Clan Council is meeting in early May to discuss our annual Clan Gathering at Castle Menzies, as we have had many enquiries for the event in August.

Bearing in mind the current Coronavirus situation globally, it is very much hoped that we will continue to have a 2020 Gathering, circumstances permitting. However this will depend on Government recommendations regarding gatherings of this nature and indeed the safety and health of all MCS members attending and of the Castle staff.

We will update members by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on our website after the May Council meeting.

Thank you all for your understanding!


April 2020

Easter Greetings from Castle Menzies!


March 2020

A Message from:

Chief David R. Steuart Menzies of Menzies

27 March 2020

It is during times like this that friends, family and our communications are most important. It is the spirit which embodies the Clan philosophy and during times of hardship where it comes to the fore. It is now when we must support, with calmness, generosity and kindness whils’t we cannot socialise as normal and must keep our distance. We can all communicate via telephone, social media and video calls. Think not just of those close to you but of those you have lost touch with or someone who might be lonely and reach out to them too. My thoughts are with the Clan in these troubled times; together we will find strength and unity in our shared history.

I wish you all good health and be safe.

Vil God I zal.

April 2020


Please Donate To our Fundraiser!

The Archibald Menzies bust project is off to a great start, and ALL Menzies are invited to participate in this unique artistic-historical-cultural campaign.

$$ for Stage One have been raised. That was the easy part! We now need to raise over $10,000 to get Archie ready to fly to Scotland and take his rightful place in the Walled Garden at Castle Menzies.

To donate to this very worthy cause for all Clan Menzies members, please go to

Thank you in advace for your donations!



March 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Virus pandemic, the following Events have been cancelled:-

On June 6, 2020

*Allegany County Celtic Festival

On April 4, 2020

*MCSNA Annual General Meeting 1pm (New York)

* Tartan Day Parade (New York)

Contact Representatives of Canada and North America for all event inquiries including any interest in new events, fundraising or event hosting /co-hosting.

February 2020

How wonderful does Castle Menzies look even with all the flooding happening this month! Image credit:©️2020 Eleanor Laurie, posted on Facebook.

January 2020

A big thank you MCS Member Brian Menzies of Brisbane, Australia for sending us a copy of your most recently published book

‘PAWKY JOHN: The Life and Times of a Colonial Publican’

to be donated to Castle Menzies library..

What a great read!

This meticulously researched, real-life account begins with a perilous journey in a migrant ship and traces
the life and career of John Menzies, a Scottish mill-worker who became a publican in Brisbane, Australia between 1862 and 1881.

There are tales of larceny, murder and hard drinking; nights of celebrations and sporting victories;
the travels of a Prince on a Vice-Royal visit; the scandal and politics of the town council;
and the battle of rules between Australian football and Rugby.

Surprising stories and images reveal the music, food, inventions, costume and mood of the times.
With the writing style retaining the flavour of the era, the author provides a fascinating insight
into life in mid-nineteenth century Queensland.

Limited-Time Offer $29.95 purchase through

Every online purchaser will now receive a FREE Pawky John bookmark !

Facebook: Pawky John : The Life and Times of a Colonial Publican – History Book

January 2020

Happy Birthday Rory and Lisa Menzies for the 15th & 16th January!



January 2020

The latest edition of the Menzies Clan Society E-Newsletter; No 15  is out this month!

Sent via email to all Menzies Clan Society members, it has great articles to read and a record number of past and present images covering 2019.
Members: If you haven’t received your E-Newsletter, please contact us with an updated email address and we will get one to you asap!

Many thanks to Alastair Menzies for all the work he has put into this new edition.











December 2019

Congratulations Karen Menzies Biggs

for winning our competition on Menzies Clan Society Facebook page for favourite photo of Castle Menzies as voted by our 1,100 followers!

Beautiful image taken from the Castle Walled Garden path looking across to the Castle.

Credit: ©️Karen Menzies Biggs


November 2019


Shout out for old or vintage Menzies Family Photos.

Do you have beautiful old photographs of your past generations of Menzies & Septs families
and would love to help build up our Menzies Family Photo Album?

If so please contact us at

Rory Menzies grandfather David Rainy Menzies with his daughter (right) and son William (left) Rory’s father, in Cape Town, South Africa 1915.

Photo Credit: From the personal collection of Rory Menzies.

‘ Joys of Clan & Kin ‘

We understand most Menzies families own a collection of old photographs, passed down from one generation to the next. These precious memories,
considered in the past as one of the joys of clan & kin, have mostly withstood the test of time some framed and displayed proudly in homes,
carried in worn wallets or delicately placed in an old gold brooch or maybe a gentleman’s fob watch.
Taken to war or to distant shores to keep alive a personal vision of highlands and home.

Our very own Family Photo Album is being created by a group of Menzies Clan Society members, dedicated to collecting from all Clan Menzies members,
digital copies of past photographs of both clan & family. The Menzies Family Photo Album will be proudly shared with fellow Clan Members and
kept digitally for all time on

Copyright © 2019 Menzies Clan Society or original authors

October 2019

‘111 Places in Vancouver That You Must Not Miss’

Congratulations MCS member Graeme Menzies along with his writing partner Dave Doroghy, on the excellent reviews of their recently published book
‘111 Places in Vancouver That You Must Not Miss’. One very relevant place featured is Archibald Menzies bust in the Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver.
If you are planning to travel to Vancouver you can purchase the boys book on, and”


October 2019

Congratulations Tristan and Zachary Menzies!

Great to see our Menzies Youth featuring in The Perthshire Advertiser!

‘Forgotton grave will languish no more’
Clipping from 20/09/2019 by Melanie Bonn


October 2019

Archibald Menzies Memorial, August 2019 Event Update:

Held at the Kensal Green Cemetery in London.

From MCS Member Nick Menzies of California; an update on the Memorial for Archibald Menzies
at Kensal Green Cemetery, London held on August 6th 2019.

‘Fine ceremony this afternoon at Kensal Green Cemetery, North London, rededicating the grave of Archibald Menzies. I had the pleasure of bringing a commemorative plaque from the Huntington Library, Art Galleries and Botanical Gardens where I work to the rededication. The plaque from the Huntington was inscribed on a beautiful piece of Madrone (Arbutus menziesii) from northern California.

Archibald was a botanist traveling with Captain Vancouver. Many plants on the US West Coast (and other places) are named after him: Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas fir); Arbutus menziesii (Madrone); Nemophila menziesii (baby blue eyes) and many more.

Thanks to Fran Gillespie for spending the last two years or more fundraising and organizing to bring a new headstone from Scotland and organizing this rededication.’

Nick Menzies presenting the Commemorative plaque.
Tristan and Zachary wearing their Menzies Tartan.

October 2019

Update on Commemoration for Duleep Singh at Castle Menzies August 6th..











It was a terrific colourful event on the 6th August 2019. Sri Dasmesh Pipe Band from Malaysia visited Castle Menzies as a Cairn memorial,
located on the Castle grounds, was unveiled for the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire who resided in exile at Castle Menzies for 8 years, until 1863.


At 11am the band played whilst the Sikh flag was raised to commemorate Duleep Singh
(6 September 1838 – 22 October 1893). Also known as His Highness Maharaja Sir Duleep Singh, G.C.S.I.,
or Sir Dalip Singh and later in life nicknamed the “Black Prince of Perthshire”


Tirath Singh (right) with Sukdev Singh founder of the band (centre) & Tripert Singh Kalsa on the left!


The Sri Dasmesh Pipe Band were in Scotland for the Pipe Band World Championships in Glasgow
and took out the top prize, no mean feat as it was only the second time they had entered!


October 2019

The Stone Mountain Highland Games 2019

Outgoing MCSNA President, Rory Menzies, presented a proclamation to Kate Mathews who accepted on behalf of her father David Mathews. The proclamation recognized David’s 36 years of dedicated service to the Menzies Clan Society.

MCSNA CLAN MEMBERS including Rory, Gordon and Scott.

Gordon Menzies Brown, VP MCSNA, and outgoing MCSNA President Rory Menzies present proclamations recognizing
distinguished service to the Clan Society to Hugh Zylstra, Jerry Minnis, and Robin Bentzen at the annual general meeting
today held at the Stone Mountain Highland Games.

Thank you for service!


September 2019

AGM Notice of Meeting for MCSNA Inc Members

To the Members of the Menzies Clan Society of North America, Inc.

Please Take Notice that the annual meeting of the members of the Menzies Clan Society of North America, Inc. (MCSNA),
will be held at  Stone Mountain Highland Games, 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30083 on
Saturday, October 19, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.

All members are urged to attend the meeting in person or by proxy. If you do not expect to attend the meeting, you are requested to date,
fill in, sign and return the proxy.

Download Proxy 2019>

MCSNA Secretary>   Please forward proxies to Secretary on or before OCTOBER 15, 2019



August 2019

“ Genetic Project to tell story of Clan Menzies”

Perthshire Advertiser article, 19 July 2019.


August 2019

A Special Event at Castle Menzies for His Highness Maharaja Sir Duleep Singh (1838-1893)

Tuesday 6th August

Duleep Singh (1838–1893) in 1854;                      Portrait by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

The Malaysian Sikh Pipe Band will be visiting Castle Menzies on August 6th as a Cairn memorial,
located on the Castle grounds, is unveiled for the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire who resided in exile
at Castle Menzies for 8 years, until 1863.

At approx 11am the band will play whilst the Sikh flag is raised to commemorate Duleep Singh
(6 September 1838 – 22 October 1893), also known as His Highness Maharaja Sir Duleep Singh, G.C.S.I.,
or Sir Dalip Singh and later in life nicknamed the “Black Prince of Perthshire”.

All are welcome!


June 2019

MCSNA at the San Diego Scottish Games
June 22 – 23 2019

Menzies Clan Society of North America will be represented at the San Diego Scottish Games June 22 and 23; we’ll have a booth with information on the Menzies Clan Society and how to join, Castle news and more.

Come check it out, if you’re in the area.

Save the date! 


June 2019


29 June -19 October 2019

If you are attending The Menzies Clan Gathering at Menzies Castle in August, you may be interested in checking out this exhibition.

At the Perth Museum & Art Gallery

From 29 June -19 October 2019
Entry is free.

For summer 2019, Perth Museum and Art Gallery present a major exhibition exploring the Jacobites in Perthshire.
This exhibition coincides with the 330th anniversary of the Battle of Killiecrankie. It will focus on the great clans and
families of Perthshire, revealing hidden stories.

The exhibition brings together nationally significant museum objects, alongside items from private collections never
before seen in public. Jacobite Clans will chart the history of a feuding nation through the lives of those at the centre of the Jacobite Wars.

Coinciding with the museum exhibition will be a display on the upper floor of the AK Bell Library in Perth. The display will feature
a large illustrated family tree based on the Nairne family which will highlight the close-knit family connections between Perthshire Jacobites.

This tree will inspire visitors to explore their Jacobite heritage or their Perthshire connections. Using resources from Perth and
Kinross Archive including a Jacobite database of names, Old Parish Records and clan histories we will help visitors to research their family tree.


May 2019

Message from Fran Gillespie

Re Attending Archibald Menzies Memorial at Kensal Green Cemetery, 2pm, 6th June 2019

“Anyone who would like to attend can contact me for a plan of the cemetery with Archibald Menzies’ grave site highlighted.
There are 65,000 graves in that cemetery so the plan is essential — there isn’t always someone on duty at the gate to direct people.
I’ll shortly be sending out an invitation, plan and how-to-get-there information to as many people as I can, and it will also be added here,
on the website.
Thanks Fran!”

May 2019

CONGRATULATIONS! to author Lynne Jonell on the publication of ‘TIME SIGHT’

Her children’s time-travel novel is about Castle Menzies. The books are finally printed
and their on-sale date in the US is May 14 and in the UK on June 1st this year.
In Lynnes own words from a recent email..

“I would like to send two books (signed First Editions) for the Castle Menzies library
and hopefully copies of the book will be offered for sale in the Castle gift shop.
I just want to say thank you again for your kind permissions, support, and
information throughout this lengthy journey! It’s been a delight to connect with you
all over this project, and I hope that someday I’ll have the privilege of meeting you all.
Until then, fare thee well!

All my best,

Thank you Lynne on behalf of all Menzies Clan members for your generous donation
to the library and we look forward to making Time Sight available for purchase in
our Castle Menzies gift shop soon.

What a great souvenir or gift for the younger members of any visitors family!



April 2019

An Invitation 

in Invercargill, New Zealand

for more details…  17-19 April 2020 Invitation>



April 2019

Archibald Menzies, 1745 – 1842


The Restoration of the last resting place of Perthshire Botanist Archibald Menzies is completed and a ceremony
to celebrate the life of this great man and to re-dedicate his restored grave will be held beside his grave site in Kensal Green Cemetery, London UK 2pm on 6th August 2019..

for more details got to

Dedicated Archibald Menzies Page>


March 2019

Unveiling Our New Website

The Menzies Clan Society Council would like to welcome you to our new Clan Menzies website !

We hope that all our members like the new style, which we are planning to develop further over the next few months with more members information in a private area, a short film from Hollywood and extra Photo Galleries.

For me, it has been a pleasure to be part of the team who have worked on the website project, but most of the hard work has been done by three others.

I would like to thank Clan Society member Sue Barnes, now Creative Director, of Melbourne Australia for all her excellent work,
and many long hours sorting and editing content & images, creating slideshows, new information and designing the overall creative style and site map. Tim and Fiona, from Purple Pelican Designs have also worked extremely hard on the IT side, from template design to providing us with a wonderful new private Members Area. All three have worked together to create a very attractive new Website.

Enjoy it and we look forward to your feedback!

Alastair Menzies, Website Director
Secretary of MCS
Menzies Clan Society



December 2018

Menzies Clan Society E-Newsletter

If you would like to subscribe to the MCS Newsletter or update your subscription email address, please contact>  our Secretary by email and add ‘Newsletter Subscription’ as your subject .